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Guide to Buying and Installing Portable Air Conditioners in Bethpage, NY

What are Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners are mobile cooling systems. That doesn’t imply you can just carry them and move to the next room, some are heavy(weighing 50 to 90 pounds). However, the caster wheels make it easy to move on a smooth surface. 

Unlike the central air conditioning unit or ACs that require wall installation, portable air conditioners are easy to install. 

If you are going to get by in Long Island during summer, portable air conditioners are a necessity. The estimated height is 28” to 34”, with a plug to connect into an electrical outlet. 

Can it Cool an Entire Room in Bethpage, NY? 

While some people can take summertime heat, some find it unbearable. Portable air conditioners can cool your personal space during a heatwave, and cool a room when the temperature is mild. 

The good thing about portable air conditioners is that you do not need to constantly search Bethpage air conditioner repair to maintain it, it is safe and straightforward to use, with no complexity. 

It Can Also be an Additional Cooling System 

Summertime is all about heat and more heat. And If you are one of those who just like to lounge and relax with a book and a cup of coffee in your personal space. Thanks to scientific innovation, portable air conditioners can save you from extreme heat waves. Indeed, it is one of the best gifts from science for those who suffer from summer heat waves. 

If you stay in Nassau County, NY, and have a central AC that isn’t cool enough, portable air conditioners are an addition that would do just right. Or, you search Bethpage air conditioner repair to find a reliable HVAC service. 

In Nassau County and all over New York, KS Mechanical Services is a trusted residential and commercial air conditioning repair and maintenance service. Feel free to call 631-889-3617 for portable air conditioner installation and maintenance. 

Buying Guide for Portable Air Conditioners 

Buying portable air conditioners means you don’t have to set up a permanent cooling system in your Bethpage home where it is not necessary. It also allows you to make up for an inefficient cooling system. 

The performance of portable air conditioners varies by different types. Check out the criteria we have mentioned here before buying portable air conditioners.

Portable air conditioners are not just all-in-one moveable cooling systems, they come in different types. 

First, there is the monoblock portable AC. This one is simple and quick to install. 

Note: for any type of portable air conditioners you choose to go for, you must seek the expertise of air conditioner repair and maintenance service. This is to avoid costly mistakes.

The monoblock air conditioning system is embodied in a single unit elevated on wheels. Suitable as an additional air conditioning mechanism and easy to move from one location to another. It needs a flexible single hose in the range of 100 to 150mm in diameter to aid exterior venting. The hose can pass through a window for proper venting or through an external barricade. The monoblock portable AC comes in 2000 to 3500W in power rating. The level of noise for this type of AC is 60 dB(can be a bit noisy). 

Some models have an additional dehumidifying mode that decreases humidity in a room without using the cooling feature. 

For proper installation in Bethpage, you can call 631-889-3617 to get a free quote from a certified and experienced technician. Having an expert handle air conditioner repair, installation and maintenance will save you the stress of trial and error, which may damage your AC. 

Secondly, there is the monoblock dual hose portable AC. It is also suitable for your Nassau County NY home. It comes with two hoses, one is meant to release the warm air indoors while the other collects outdoor air for proper airflow. It requires the expertise of an experienced technician for installation. Call 631-889-3617 to get started or go through our site for proper guidance. 

Additionally, there are also Self-evaporating portable air conditioners. These are usually lightweight and are good for smaller spaces. It is designed to extract warm air, then release the moisture in excess form. It is affordable compared to the aforementioned ones, but less effective. 

Different models of portable ACs come with a wide range of features to suit your needs. While some AC’s feature a thermostat, some do not, instead it has a timer. Some models may have both features. Use the points below as a guide to choosing what you need. 

Mode settings

Newer portable air conditioners come with various mode settings, ranging from dehumidifying, cool, heat, adjustable thermostat, and fan adjustment. Older models have limited mode settings, however, a simple adjustment will help you cool off. 

Sleep Mode

Most portable ACs are noisy, this feature can help reduce noise while you sleep. While the system cools your space, it becomes less noisy. 


A portable AC with this option can help you curtail energy costs. It is different from the adjustable thermostat feature. You can set it to on and off automatically at the preset time. 

Consider the size of your room or space before purchasing a portable AC. If your Nassau County space is big with an inbuilt AC, consider calling a Bethpage air conditioner repair expert to check it out before purchasing a portable AC. Not all portable air conditioners will function well in every location, it may cool a room with small windows and less furniture, and be ineffective for a room with many devices and appliances. 


Installing a portable air conditioner may look simple since it’s moveable, but it is advisable to call an expert. Whether your Bethpage home has a push-out or slide windows, a KS Mechanical Services expert is your best bet for proper installation in Long Island. 

It comes with an exhaust hose(approximately 2-3m in length). Due to its flexibility, portable ACs can go as far as the hose allows. 

If you decide to DIY, note this; 

The regular kits that come with most portable air conditioners may not suit your casement or crank windows. Either you call KS Mechanical Services for a proper installation or work out a trial and error method.

The Process

Bring out the exhaust hose and attach the side that matches with the hole behind the AC. The other end should pass through the window or any other exhaust point. 

Portable air conditioners usually come with their kit required for venting and installation. Going through the manual will aid in easy installation.


On a final note, if you find yourself confused on what to do after reading the manual that comes with your newly purchased portable AC, or getting an old AC to function. Feel free to call 631-889-3617 to speak with an expert to get a quote tailored to your air conditioner repair or the installation of your new cooling system.

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