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Air Conditioner Repair In Mastic Beach

Why You Should Hire a Mastic Beach, NY hvac contractor Instead of a Handyman

From Long Island residential properties to commercial properties, the role of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning(HVAC) systems is essential. They create stable and delightful spaces for our comfort, including that of customers and employees in our commercial internal spaces.

Due to the high demand, a lot of handymen are skilled in rendering Mastic Beach air conditioner repair and other hvac services.

However, to avoid awful surprises, this article will help you make informed decisions concerning your New York commercial hvac systems or Suffolk County residential cooling systems.

A Handyman

This is a skilled individual without any trade license but has a background fixing things in different houses. Most little problems in Suffolk County NY are solved by handymen, as they have the equipment and tools needed to fix it.

Saving cost is a priority for many homes and business owners in New York as home maintenance doesn’t come cheap. Homeowners are quick to call Mastic Beach air conditioner repair in the event of any hvac damage or installation. Some people do not pay attention to the type of technicians they call, there is a difference between a specialized hvac contractor and a general handyman.

Although this can be a cost-cutting maneuver for businesses and homeowners in Mastic Beach, NY, it can also be a recipe for disaster.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a General Handyman to Handle Your HVAC Systems


1 A General handyman can provide you short-term savings as you run your hvac system.

  1. Skilled ones can fix minor air conditioner repairs quickly. Due to their extensive knowledge(gained through handling different home projects), they know a quick way to get things done.
  1. They are convenient. Handymen are available the times you will be free, most of them work around the clock, no holidays. This is when busy people are free.
  1. They are polite, with zero tendencies to exhibit bad habits.
  1. They are better than a DIY fix for your hvac systems. You may think a quick fix will cost you more if you can do it yourself, the services of a handyman will save you money. Aside from the fact that most Mastic Beach handymen get products below the business price, they also have the right tools to handle any quick fix in your commercial or residential hvac systems.

Additionally, they will not make mistakes, you will make during a trial and error DIY fix.


1No guarantee. You cannot tell the quality of work a self-employed handyman will handle. However, a reputable Mastic Beach hvac contractor will give you all the necessary guarantees.

  1. A handyman may have very little knowledge to perform the duty of a certified hvac contractor. The time used to constantly clarify the nature of your problem can be used to increase productivity.
  1. Risk of Fraud. Unfortunately, there is no provision of mandatory conditions in the terms of service delivery. You are at the handyman’s mercy.

HVAC Contractor

An hvac contractor is more of a professional in handling hvac systems. In contrast to a handyman, most hvac contractors are licensed. In most cases, a professional hvac contractor must have gone through an apprenticeship, licensed in hvac related type of work after passing qualification exams.

They meet certain criteria in the hvac industry to prove sufficient competency. Professional hvac contractors in Suffolk County and all over New York deal with industries that require specific hvac training. They do not go out of their job description.

An hvac contractor has experience and expertise that extends to commercial and residential cooling and heating systems. Getting one in Mastic Beach NY requires careful search, a simple Mastic Beach air conditioner repair search won’t cut it either.

A hvac contractor who knows about handling the installation, maintenance, major and minor hvac repairs including servicing of residential to large commercial hvac system will give you peace of mind. Also, you get to increase productivity in a comfortable indoor space. KS Mechanical Services removes the stress and headache associated with running a simple or complex hvac system.

We have certified and experienced technicians that can handle large and complex hvac systems. With almost a decade of operating in Long Island, we have satisfied clients in Suffolk County NY. Feel free to go through the rest of our site to see how we can help improve your personal or business comfort. You can also call 631-889-3617 to get a free quote.

Pros and Cons of Hiring an HVAC Contractor


Appliances and mechanical systems that involve electrical connections are prone to fire and electrocution. A hvac contractor is professionally trained and is up to date on laws and local regulations. He/she knows how to handle hvac systems and rules that ensure safety compliance.

To protect your hvac systems, entire home, or business, avoid electrocution and fire. Do not let an unprofessional work on electrical systems.

A handyman may respond quickly to your call, but how reliable can they deliver projects to a very high standard?

Your cooling or heating system may not be the first thing people think about when they come into your home or office. However, when it develops a fault, it is unquestionably the first thing they’ll notice and think about. Offices and homes with extreme temperatures are not only inoperable, but they are also unproductive spaces that can be dangerous.

This means that having an unprofessional handle on your hvac system is risky, and leaves your systems at risk of faults occurring.

A hvac contractor from KS Mechanical Services is certified and trustworthy to meet your expectations. You can go through the rest of our site to see satisfied clients we have worked with in New York. Or, call 631-889-3617 to speak with our experts concerning your hvac system project. You are assured of quality services in the most cost-efficient manner.

Additionally, you get to experience the fast response with a professional hvac contractor, as excellent project delivery is often their specialty. There is always a team in place for effective manpower, in case a fault arises, if a technician assigned to you is busy, they can send a different technician or have your preferred expert come check the problem.

You can focus on your business and not worry about your hvac system malfunctioning.

The target audience of a general handyman is vast, so a handyman may not be knowledgeable of industry growth in a particular niche. But, a hvac contractor is interested in improving his or her expertise.

Over the years, hvac systems have improved, with the development of complicated pieces of electronics(e.g smart thermostats). A professional hvac contractor is your best bet to handle repairs that meet a system’s code.

Meeting these industry trends requires more training, only a licensed and enthusiastic hvac contractor will desire to update his or her expertise to meet industry trends.

Similar to meeting industry development, a hvac contractor professionally handles cooling and heating systems. They repair and maintain your hvac system according to your building needs.

Having a general handyman handle a cheap fix, will cost you more later. If you decide to sell your Mastic Beach house later, the service of a general air conditioner repair or handyman won’t be enough. You will need to hire a professional hvac contractor to fix them, so it meets industry standards. Making it cost-effective if you had hired a certified hvac contractor in the first place.


Hiring an hvac contractor may not be pocket-friendly compared to a general handyman. Most Mastic Beach NY hvac companies are pricey, KS Mechanical Services offers top-quality service in an affordable way tailored to meet your needs.

A general handyman may be knowledgeable about other related problems with your home or office. But, a professional hvac contractor is highly skilled in his or her field(hvac systems, no plumbing nor minor carpenter works).

Who Should You Hire?

In summary, the benefits of having a professional hvac contractor handle your project are more compared to hiring a general handyman. Whether it’s a large-scale hvac project or a minor residential air conditioner repair, KS Mechanical Services is up to the task. We have certified and experienced technicians whose expertise is top-notch. Call 631-889-3617 to get started.

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