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3 Important Guidelines for Air Conditioner Installation in your North Woodmere NY Home or Office

Living in North Woodmere, NY during summer can be tough, if you have portable ACs or fans, it may not be enough to cool every room.

It’s no fun being in a hot room, that is where your air conditioner comes in. If you have an old AC that isn’t cooling enough, you don’t have to wait until summer to get it fixed. Simply, search for a professional North Woodmere air conditioner repair to get it fixed. If you intend to replace it or add a new air conditioner, our guidelines below will help you get it installed.

Note: A DIY air conditioner installation involves a lot of trial and error. To fasten the process and take away the risk of a fault occurring, simply call a Long Island hvac contractor who specializes in air conditioner installation. KS Mechanical Services has certified technicians who specialize in hvac systems. You can call 631-889-3617 to get a free quote.

If a portable air conditioner installation is not properly done, you will not feel the cooling effect, also, you will regularly need North Woodmere air conditioner repair to get it right. With a proper installation, your Nassau County NY home or office will be a place of comfort during summer.

DIYInstallation Tips

Different ACs have different air conditioner installation processes, the easiest is portable air conditioners. While the most complex ones are the split and central AC units.

You have to decide on the air conditioning system that will suit your New York home or office. If you already have a central AC unit that doesn’t cool enough, purchasing a portable AC to add to it isn’t a bad idea. But, if it was formerly cooling, consider getting a North Woodmere air conditioner repair to have a look at it.

Air conditioner installation is not done like other household appliances. The location of your air conditioner contributes to the proper functioning of the system.

Portable air conditioners are also included in location consideration. The fact that it is movable doesn’t mean it can be installed anywhere. Generally, choose an open area for your air conditioner installation, it should not be installed in a clustered space. For split air conditioners, the indoor and outdoor units should be positioned away from sunlight and water. Portable ACs should also be Installed near the window for easy drainage and airflow.

No equipment or clothing should be kept close to the condenser of a split AC, this is to ensure the heat dispels properly while it’s functioning.

It is pertinent to note that the appropriate installation height for split AC is 7 to 8 ft above the ground, to aid proper cooling.

The proper placement of outdoor units is key to avoid excessive vibration. The compressor, motor fan, and condenser make up the outdoor unit, if it is not placed properly on a flat surface, any of these components can be damaged. Also, the unstable vibration noise that emits from it can be disturbing, leading to copper pipes breakage and leakage from the coolant.

Can I Install an Air Conditioning Unit Myself?

Air conditioner installation is complex. You may be talented in remodeling a home or thought of being proactive concerning your home improvement plans. Aside from basic maintenance, full servicing and air conditioner installation are best left to certified and experienced hvac specialists.

The answer is NO. it is not advisable to install your North Woodmere, NY air conditioner yourself.

Even if you know the technical aspects of air conditioner installation, the electrical components are complex. Homes and offices in Nassau County NY differ, it takes an hvac professional to know the right unit for your house.

New AC models feature a smart thermostat which requires delicate work to ensure proper energy savings. The installation is only half of the job and a general air conditioner repair handyman may not be skilled in newer model installation.

A professional HVAC technician knows the ins and outs of air conditioner installation in North Woodmere and all over Long Island. They know answers to technical questions when it comes to how air conditioners work.

You can call 631-889-3617 to speak with our experts or get a free quote for your New York air conditioner installation. Our services are cost-effective and tailored to meet your needs.

Reasons Why You Should Not Install or Repair Your Air Conditioner Even If You’re HVAC Savvy

Air conditioner installation in North Woodmere NY requires the use of accurate tools and mastery. With a little technical knowledge of the hvac system, trying to DIY may increase the cost of your energy bills while the air conditioning unit functionality will not meet your needs.

Also, if you use an area that isn’t primed for installation, it may damage your AC which will cost you more when you decide to get a North Woodmere air conditioner repair. Attaching equipment incorrectly is usually costlier than hiring a professional to handle the initial installation. KS Mechanical Services has certified technicians who can handle your residential or commercial air conditioner installation in a cost-effective manner. They also handle maintenance so you don’t experience instant faults, this can help your AC stay in optimum condition.

You can call 631-889-3617 to get a free quote or fill our consultation form, we respond within a day.

The air conditioner installation process is complex, missing a mark can be dangerous. The buildings in Nassau County and all over New York have different electrical connections. You may decide to follow the manual, but your wiring may not correspond with the process.

Saving a small fee is not worth the risk of electrocution. Some families have encountered damage due to non-compliance with safety standards. In the worst-case scenario, death may occur, again, it is not worth the risk.

KS Mechanical Services has been providing residential and commercial hvac services in Long Island for almost a decade. Our experienced technicians can handle any type of hvac services, from air conditioner installation, replacement, maintenance to professional repairs.

There are different types of air conditioning systems. Having general home remodeling knowledge is not enough. In North Woodmere NY, hvac installation differs for each household and office. A trial and error process will take a while to fix.

There is No Safe DIY Air Conditioner Installation Process

In summary, keep in mind that there are no general tips for AC installation. There are different models with different directions. If you want to experience a cooling North Woodmere home or office, feel free to call 631-889-3617 to speak with one of our experts or fill our contact form and we will respond within a day.

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