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Should I Install AC in an Old Uniondale NY House or Repair the Old One? 

If you own an office or reside in Uniondale NY, you’ll discover that remodeling a house involves different aspects. Whether you decide to make small changes or improve the house’s worth, your comfort is always a top priority. 

Renovation can be a daunting task considering the plans you need to put in place. This article will help you make informed choices as you plan to make your New York home more comfortable. 

Where AC’s Come in

A summer heatwave in Nassau County and all over Long Island can turn many classic houses into an uncomfortable space to be in. While you may consider calling a Uniondale air conditioner repair to install AC, do note that the wrong type of cooling system can spoil the look of a charming exterior. 

Sadly, some old houses in Nassau County NY don’t have air conditioners nor a convenient space to install AC. While creating a new space may be expensive, speaking with a professional about it will help ease the burden. KS Mechanical Services have worked on several commercial and residential properties in Uniondale NY for almost a decade. Our experienced technicians have the expertise to install AC and execute long-lasting air conditioner repair on your old Long Island house. 

How to Make the Best Choice

An instant search for Uniondale air conditioner repair is not the first step to making your old Uniondale house comfortable. For old houses you wish to install AC on, here is our step by step process to choosing the best AC; 

Furthermore, if your Uniondale NY is a residential property with limited space before you install AC, take note of the furniture and size, consider getting a split air conditioner. This is also applicable if your New York old office is small. 

However, for better functionality and quieter operation, if you can afford to install AC that is floor mounted(split systems), it’s a better choice. If you are restricted from placing an external condenser, on the property, you can get a professional Uniondale air conditioner repair to install AC that is of the monoblock model. 

Also, if your stay in the old house is within a limited time and you prefer something moveable, you can install AC that is portable(simple fit air conditioners are preferable) and can easily be transferred if you decide to move. For larger residential and commercial properties, you can install AC that is of large capacity. 

Generally, installing cooling systems on New York older houses can be complex, it requires professional service, call 631-889-3617 to get a free quote. Our hvac experts are well trained and certified to handle complex projects. 

When is the Best Time to Install AC in an Old House?

A great place to start when planning to install AC in an old house is, to begin with, modern amenities. If your goal isn’t to change the classic look, your comfort is a priority. 

In Uniondale NY, people remodel their old houses for different reasons. Some do it to modify the aesthetic surroundings, while some update it to increase the sale value. If yours is to improve the look and make it more comfortable, planning to install AC is good for starters. 

You can install AC in your Long Island old house when you are ready to have minor or major home improvements done. Also, if you’ve had an air conditioner repair specialist fix the old one several times, then it’s time to call a professional Uniondale hvac company to install a new one. 

Aside from improving insulation, Renovating and replacing old ineffective air conditioning systems can make your property more energy-efficient. 

Why You Should add AC Installation to Your Home or Office Renovation 

Whether you decide to do a quick paint touch-up or add one or two needed furnishings, there is a possibility that your renovations will make your house hotter. While it’s a good feeling during winter, it can be very discomforting during summer in Uniondale NY. Sometimes, opening windows may not be ideal due to air quality. 

The best you can do to avoid the summer heat in New York is to install AC in your old house. An internal AC installed by a professional air conditioner repair company will give you peace of mind. KS Mechanical Services has vast experience to handle it, including a maintenance plan. That way, you don’t have to worry about periodic servicing and repairs. This plan comes in a cost-efficient way to curb air conditioner malfunction. 

Surprisingly, if you install AC in a house without AC, you’ll wonder how you coped without it. It can effortlessly cool the house as you relax. In an old office, it increases productivity as the environment becomes cool for employees and customers. 

During summer, most houses in Uniondale NY are humid. If you install AC on your old house, it will help regulate the temperature. 

You may think it is not useful during winter, but it is. In New York dust and molds build-up, which can be harmful to those who suffer allergies. If you install AC, it will help remove the unseen dust particles. 

What to Consider Before You Install AC in a Non-Air Conditioned House

You may be eager to get a cooling home or office, and planning to go for a large air conditioning system. Do note that the proper sizing is crucial. An oversized system doesn’t mean it will dehumidify more. Instead, you may experience a host of problems, from being too big, too loud, always faulty, and not reaching other locations in the house, including the most annoying, high electricity bills. 

A KS Mechanical Services technician can size the right fit for your Uniondale NY home or office. We have been operating for almost a decade, our hvac experts know the industry standards. With our technicians, there is no rule of the thumb method, we work with the right size calculation for your house. You can fill our contact form for further discussion, we respond within a day. 

The effect of wrong sizing when planning to install AC is high. For instance, opting for a large air conditioning system in a small space means high maintenance, more risks of fault development, and faster wear and tear as they cycle on and off repeatedly. 

Time to Call a Uniondale NY HVAC Company to Install AC in Your Old House or Office 

No matter the time you decide to install AC in your Nassau County home or anywhere in Long Island, you can talk to KS Mechanical Services about your air conditioning project. The type of property or size of the air conditioning unit you want to install doesn’t change our level of professionalism. 

Determining when to install AC in an old house can be difficult, you can call 631-889-3617 to get a free, no-commitment quote from our certified HVAC technicians.

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